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The Russian Scientific and Educational Center (SEC) "Al-Vasatyya – moderation" is the Russian organization operating within the confines of the law of Russia and on the contract with the International center "Al-Vasatyya" in Kuwait, realizing combined programs in the Russian Federation. The Russian Center is registered in judicial authorities as the legal entity in May of 2010. The Russian center is legalized in Kuwait by decree of the Emir of Kuwait in 2011.

The term "al-vasatyya" (الوسطية) occurs from the Arab word "vasat" (الوسط) which means not only “the middle” or “the center”, but also “the balance”, “the harmony” which means the harmony of the real in relation to the world order.  Also it has meaning of "measure" in sense of the measure which was given by Allah for all real. So the word "moderation" (following the measure, that was established by the Creator of a universe) is best to show the deep meaning of the Arab word. And antipodes of this word are "excessiveness", "extreme".

"We created you as a moderate community ["ummah al-vasatyya "]", - Allah said in the Koran (Sura 2, ayat 143), from where the conclusion follows: the one, who negates the principle of al-vasatyya in Islam is out of the ummah, created by Allah. Thus, "al-vasatyya" is not a school of Islam, but integral, intrinsic quality of Islam.