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Tuesday, December 24 2013
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Russian Center of Vasatyya

The scientific and educational center of Vasatyyi (Center) is the independent Russian organization founded by the Russian Fund of support of Islamic culture, science and education, the Russian Islamic university (Kazan city) and Institute of theology and the international relations (Makhachkala city), connected by the Contract with the International Center of Vasatyya in Kuwait.

The main goal of the Center is help in returning of Muslim consciousness to the Koranic “al-vasatyya” concept (to moderation, a sredinnost – the Koran, "Al-Bacharach", 143), to refusing extremes (radicalism) in all spheres of Muslim’s life, to searching of "golden mean" in each point of private and social life, to balanced neighborhood with representatives of other religions and outlooks.

To achieve the specified purpose the Center sets the following tasks:

1 . The organization of Islamic educational system in the spirit of Koranic "golden mean" (al-vasatyya):

2 . Publishing of the classical Muslim literature, that shows internal richness of Islam and makes pride of the Islamic civilization.

3 . The mass media edition to show the best achievements of modern Muslim thought, the translations of works of scientists of Islam shining the principle of moderation into Russian language.

4 . Assistance in formation of the Muslim intellectuals which has to have a real opportunity more actively to influence mood of Muslims.

5 . Scientific, popular scientific and scientific-journalistic work for the explanation of the principle of moderation in Islam, including in the non-Muslim environment.

6 . Communication with other religions, belief, cultures and civilizations. Strengthening of the allied relations with Russian Orthodox Church and other traditional religious organizations of Russia.

7 . Assistance in communication, mutual studying of cultures and traditions, removal of the mistrust between the different nations and xenophobias, keeping "national diplomacy", promotion of strengthening positions of Russia in the Islamic world.