"I was cheated by conversations about Jihad in Syria"

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article5Assalam alaykum, friends!

Today I met Islam Magomadov, the inhabitant of the village Berdykel.
He was absent three months at home.
As it became clear he was in Syria, he went there, being deceived by conversations about Sacred war.
Islam said that he didn't see even small signs of jihad, war for belief, wars for justice.
According to his words, there is a war for country elimination in Syria, blasting its economy, defilement of religious shrines. Fighters blows up ziarats of associates of the Prophet (s.а.s.) and kills imams.
Also groups compete to each other on robberies, capturing of other's property.

Islam noted that he would never leave Syria if there was a war for belief, but there was a gangster war.
He urged young people not to follow the promotion of enemies of the Syrian people and not to go there for war.

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