The fatwah about situation in Syria is published in In North Ossetia

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article4Spiritual department of Muslims of North Ossetia published the fatwah about inadmissibility of participation of inhabitants of the republic in the military conflict in Syria.

As the deputy of DUM of the republic Rasoul Gamzatov noted, that recently in mass media there were messages about two inhabitants of North Ossetia who was lost in Syria during military operations.

"Some mass media inflated this news, began to extend provocative materials that in republic mosques, allegedly, there is a radicalization of Muslims, and people go to Syria. Therefore Spiritual department of Muslims of North Ossetia decided to discuss this question at general meetings. It was accepted special фетва", - Rasoul Gamzatov explained.

The position of Muslim religious leaders of North Ossetia is that war which goes from Syria is the general problem for Muslims.

"First of all simple Muslims suffer from the similar conflicts such as women, children, old men. Our position consists that a situation in this country is very unclear. To people who have no sharia knowledge, doesn't possess information that actually occurs in Syria, it is forbidden to urge others to join groups which are at war, and it is forbidden to participate in war", - the deputy mufti of North Ossetia said.

DUM of North Ossetia considers as forbidden that Muslims go to Syria for war. "The reasons for that are the following. Spiritual department of Muslims doesn't grant permission for such actions. We don't hear appeals of authoritative religious leaders to go to war. We don't hear competent people who would ask us for the help. That Muslim who wants to help citizens of Syria, has to ask Allah for wellbeing on this earth. If there is an opportunity, it is necessary to help by food, to give other support to the Syrian refugees, who appeared in Jordan, Turkey, Russia", - Rasoul Gamzatov concluded.

We remind, that earlier the mufti of Chechnya Sultan Mirzayev and theologians of republic said that there is no jihad in Syria.

"The main task of our society is to save youth from mistakes. Iit is impossible to call this war “Sacred”, because socio-political and ideological points of two sides involved into conflict", lined mufti.

According to him, "for the sake of Supreme it is necessary to adhere to Koran instructions, to lean on Hadisa of the Prophet (the peace to Him) and to make kind acts, instead of blind participation in fratricidal war, without understanding even the main point".

To stop distribution of appeals, which the world wide web is full with, it is necessary to work strenuously with the maximum coverage of the population, the mufti considers. "We are against the blood of peace people was shed", - Sultan Mirzayev emphasized.