"Temples - under the protection of Allah and His Prophet ..."

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No man who did not bother to crimes committed recently against religious objects of the republic. Desecration of spiritual values ​​and burning places of worship is a terrible vandalism. Hurt the most delicate strings shower hundreds of thousands of people.

Our religions have certain differences, and no one of them refuses, but they can not be an obstacle to peaceful coexistence in the atmosphere of mutual respect and respect for each other's rights. Life together Muslim and Christian peoples has a long history and is an example to follow. In Mecca, at the dawn of Islam pagan Arabs started the persecution of Muslims and the Prophet in order to preserve the community and so immature ordered his companions to leave your hometown. Resettlement places he chose Ethiopia, where the rules of the Christian King Negus. A just ruler, he heard the Qur'an speaks of Jesus and his mother Mary righteous, sheltered Muslims and provided them with a secure life.

"Commends whether for good other than good?" - Said in the Quran. Subsequently, when the Muslim community grew, and strengthened the position of the Prophet, he did not forget the rights of the holders of the scriptures. Here is an excerpt from a letter to the priests of the prophet two tribes: "The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, wrote to the priest of the tribe banil-Harith bin Ka'b and Najran area priests, monks and their flock:" All that is in their hands, large and small belongs them, the church, prayer and monks under the protection of Allah and His Messenger. Not excluded any priest from his service, nor a monk from his monastic life ... "(IbnSaad Message passes." Al-Tabaqat al-Kubra "1/266).

This was the fundamental canon of the Muslim community life of the Prophet Muhammad. If this canon was performed just after the revolution, when the power in the country came to the Communists would not be ruined by thousands of churches and mosques. Based on this canon, righteous caliphs built bridges of dialogue with Christians. During the reign of Umar ibn Khattab, Islam spread rapidly, but the righteous Caliph following the example of the Prophet, in the paramount question of ensuring compliance with the conditions of their Christian religion.

"In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful! Servant of Allah Omar, Commander of the faithful, ensures residents Elijah integrity of their lives, property, churches, crosses and all that pertains to their religion - they are sick, healthy and whole community. Muslims are forbidden to settle in their temples, destroy their buildings, make decorations and crosses. Christians also inviolable property for them, and they have no right to force them to accept Islam or harm them ... "("Umar ibn al-Khattab, "Ali al-Sallyabi, page 431.)

After the opening of Egypt to Islam Umar appoints his deputy Amr ibn Asa. In Egypt, from time immemorial lived local Christians - Copts. They endured many of persecution by the Byzantines, and for this reason, the patriarch Benjamin was forced to flee into the desert. After the arrival of Amr Benjamin was guaranteed safety. 13 years of hiding in the desert patriarch returned home and told his followers to swear allegiance to the Emir of Egypt.     

Righteous Caliph Umar always checks whether governors and ensure the rights, both Muslims and other peoples. Known this fact. During one of the sports in Egypt, the son of the governor really wanted to win, but it was ahead of a young man from the Copts. Then he hit a Copt whip and said, "On you! I - son of the most decent people".The young man went to Medina to the Caliph Umar. Caliph immediately summoned the governor of Egypt and his son. When they came, Umar gave into the hands of Copt whip and said, "Hit the son of the most worthy of you!". Copt hit and handed whip Umar, but Umar said, "Now hit the most worthy of you, because using the position of his father, the son hit you . " "I hit the one who hit me" - said a Copt and back lash Caliph. Umar then addressed himself to the governor: "When did you enslave people, because the mother gave birth to them free!"   

These examples presented us some of the greatest men brought up the light of the Qur'an. Muslims who may be higher or Prophet Umar? If someone, somewhere starts to treat religion with his own thoughts, and, based on their delusions, begins to sow discord and confusion, a man destroys the basis of religion.

Church burnings, attacks on religious leaders and spread hatred among peoples lived together for centuries have one goal - to disrupt the peace and prosperity in our land. We should not rush to blame each other, succumbing to various provocations created by haters of our tranquility.

We - the people of different nationalities, speaking different languages, but we have common parents - we are all children of Adam and Eve. One God with us - He is the God of Moses and Abraham, the God of Jesus and Muhammad, the Lord of all the worlds. Almighty, to keep the peace in our land, faith and respect for each other!

Regards and good prayers,
imam mukhtasib Nizhnekamsk district and Nizhnekamsk

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