The concept of socialization of Islam in Russia

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December 4 Chief Editor Scientific Publishing Center "Ladomir" Yuri Mikhailov made a conceptual presentation of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, where he introduced the concept of reformatting your relationship to Islam in Russia in light of the president's speech Russian Vladmir Putin's October 22, 2013 in Ufa.

Remarks by the President at the meeting Islamic clergy in Ufa, perceived by many as an ordinary event, in fact, not only unprecedented in modern Russia, but for imperial times, as is the nature of the program, intended to define as a tactic to build relations with the Islamic community of the state of the country and set the strategic vector for positioning domestic Ummah in translating Russia its mission to be a state leader in the world.

I have to say, for me, a big mystery who in our country would be held personally responsible for the implementation of the tasks set by the President, - the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Regional Development, the Federal Security Service, the Security Council, Presidential Administration, someone else? They all somehow involved in the state of affairs with Islam, but who is responsible head, I do not know. It is not the same with spiritual offices should be a demand, even if they are eating huge amounts of money. It seems that "too many cooks spoil the broth." Moreover, my twenty-year experience with state officials on Islamic issues suggests a high degree of confidence that the vast majority of them do have understood little of what was said VV Putin.

Therefore, in its present report I have to focus primarily on this invisible guard - with and without straps - which largely depends on the welfare of ordinary Russians. Try to dot the «i» the most distinctly.

So, the defining feature of the president's speech was the emphasis on "new socialization" Russian Islam. To experience the exceptional event, everyone can try to find such examples from the recent history of the Muslim powers, when the president would put the task to modernize the social interpretation of orthodoxy for the sake of harmonization of society and accelerating the development of the country. Personally, I do not recall such examples. Just think: the most influential in the current year (according to the American magazine «Forbes») man on the planet, the head of the world's largest secular state with a multi-faith population still predominantly Christian, appealed to develop social teachings of Islam professed fifth of citizens and enhance the role of religion in the life of the Prophet Muhammad in fact the whole society! Something never seen before!

Trends globalizing world, the dynamics of the political situation in Russia today is such that the Islamic factor starts to become increasingly important influence affecting directly on the lives of all our citizens regardless of religious affiliation. Degree of civil and constructive spiritual positivity of this influence is determined by the depth of understanding of their faith by Muslims, the adequacy of its interpretation in the context of requests, pits the need of development of Russia in XXI century.

But achieving much-needed understanding and adequacy unthinkable without the deepest knowledge of the fundamental principles of Islam, namely Scripture Muslims - Koran, the Prophet of Islam and biographies - Muhámmada "perfect man" for the views of Muslims, their life example to demonstrate what it means to live "in-Islamic", ie speaking benchmark social interpretation of the final message of the Most High - the Koran. As life changes, then OVERTIME Quranic word of God is accessed reveals new faces in new contexts. And because the demand of the modern understanding of doctrine - is a theological norm compliance is only allows the faithful to harmonize relations with other faiths. Important to consider that socially Islam - a religion of diversity (rather than unification as many believe), religion, becomes more expensive national cultural identity of peoples, their historic past and at the same time aiming at the constant modernization of society through innovation and full development of personality, ie those abilities and talents that God - this is mentioned in the Koran - confers individually baby and expects that, as adults, that will prove most beneficial in the world that is given to him in business management. And so, by the way, a backward state is not entitled to claim to be called Islamic.

As Islam - is not only a religious cult, but a way of life that requires a confessor of the doctrine of continuous - all daily practice - every second commitment witnessing the one and only God and His Prophet, the state, even secular, can not remain aloof from what the views and aspirations of its citizens live Muslims.

In light of this idea seems absolutely logical president about the need obespécheniya Russian sovereignty spiritual space, now open to all the winds. Maintaining this kind of sovereignty are concerned almost all the key countries of the Islamic world. This mission was traditionally performed by the national legal-theological school. That their representatives form the patterns of social behavior compatriots, make these models the necessary adjustments commensurate untimely. Naturally, these schools are interested in reaching their Muslim influence other states, ultimately, directly or indirectly subdue them. But whatever may seem rasprekrasnym value orientations, proclaim these schools, they often have a distorting other cultural environment, give rise to acute inner-and inter-religious conflicts in the "nourished spiritually" states.

President clearly outlined the requirements that must be met Russian school of Islamic theology and law . This refers primarily to:

× its high authority not only Russians, but also migrants, as well as the entire post-Soviet space and in general in the international arena, on the recognition of the majority of Muslim scholars of the school of the world;

× repelling ideology radicals colliding faithful in Middle Ages;

× about the development of the traditional Muslim way of life, thinking and attitudes in accordance with the realities of the 21st century, is actually about the formation of the modern doctrine of Islam in Russia;

× of responsiveness to current events domestic and international life, poured into theological and legal opinions, clear and authoritative for believers;

× develop a positive image of traditional Islam as an important spiritual component of Russian national identity.

And of course, the Russian Islamic theology must speak perfect Russian language - the language of the great Russian literature and spirituality, without Tongues, spiced labored neologisms and intrusive Arabic constructions, this "mixture of Nizhny Novgorod with the French."

set by the head of our state the problem of constructing national theological schools, designed to provide the fundamental basis for a full-scale socialization of Islam in Russia, and involves the cultivation of a new type of Islamic leader who could mobilize the broad masses of believers in performing good, consolidating society affairs. But in the post-industrial era one charismatic and turbans with bathrobes embroidered with gold will not be enough. Must fluent Arabic theological language that is the language of Muslim theology and law, language that says the vast majority important doctrinal texts.

But that is not enough, because it is not the revival of medieval views (what we see today very often - after chains 500 years of stagnation is not easy to lose), but the creation of the modern school of Islamic thought, and not to the Arabian Peninsula, and for multi-confessional Russian Federation. Therefore, figures from the Russian Islam would expect broad academic knowledge not only in actual branches of philosophy and sociology, but also in the creeds friendly Abrahamic religions, especially Orthodoxy.

To task socialization of Russian Islam, develop his social doctrine has not been emasculated ignorant and opportunistic, not turned into Manilov Project or popular we view bureaucratic business - cut finance need to put it on scientific grounds in the long-term program of action. And here without serious consideration of social history of Islamic teachings can not do. Commented necessary scientific editions of the greatest thinkers of the Islamic civilization, addressed the issue of state-building and social structure. Heritage to publish some of these scholars have been vetoed, but without studying their works will be very incomplete picture.

In Russia, which has one of the best schools in the world of fiction translation from European languages, never existed traditions translation from most Eastern languages, not speaking of Islamic theological writings. While teaching the Arabic language has have more than a half century, specialists with them theologically refraction was always extremely small. In Soviet times, their ranks replenished from time to time only by enthusiasts - State such specialists were simply not needed. Established over the past quarter-century gap threatens their extinction: such experts have no more than a dozen on the post-Soviet space, with an average age of 65-70 years, young people are absent. Skills that hard work enough continuity of generations, today remain in the minds of several people and leaving them in the other world can be irreversibly lost. To exclude false rumors, to emphasize that mean only those Russians from the activities of which are Russian-language literary texts.

Necessary not just to preserve existing domestic patriarchs by transferring their knowledge of talented youth, but also to lay the Russian school of translation of works of Islamic theology as part of a project to create national theological school.

professional translator Muslim doctrinal texts must be read in the most important primary sources, navigate the currents and the intricacies of theological thought, to see in Muslim theology living, developing knowledge, always respond to questions posed by the faithful and society life, have skills meticulous Ranger scientist to be able to follow the author's thought in its development, to understand the reasons why attitudes have changed thinker. Theological text - it's not a thing in itself and not a thing in itself, but more often the result of considerable controversy, overt or covert, and the translator must be able to relief, all the nuances, to expose her to the modern reader. It is clear, however artisans for this to be a writer-prospector, part ownership of Russian literary language. So brilliantly he must know the historical era, a time when created translated essay sotsioreligiozny its context, then-material and spiritual culture that accompanied her vocabulary (as well as professional lexicon adopted in modern domestic science), the circumstances of the personal life of the author, to be able to dive in his inner world, until the entry into his reading and secret thoughts, "skin feel" nourished his atmosphere, even living conditions, to isolate the entire contrast agony not only ideas, but also literary influences and borrowings - genre and stylistic openly transposed and unconsciously learned.

unless urgent and decisive action, our country for many decades may lose unique luggage skills translate understanding of the spiritual values ​​of one culture, classical Muslim to another - Russian.

emergence in Russian sturdy Islamic publications serve as a powerful pull factor to our Russian-speaking country of Muslims around the world and especially in the former Soviet Union, strengthening the international authority of Russia, stimulate interest in the in-depth study of the Russian language and Russian culture.

So, you need to take for the implementation of scientific and annotated translation into Russian core of Islamic theology - a set of key doctrinal texts with their subsequent publication in the "Golden Library of Islam."

We must start with the preparation and publication of the "Encyclopedia of canonical Sunna", which will cover all the hadiths of the Prophet, available in six recognized vaults: Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, al- Tirmidhi, an-Nasa'i and Ibn Maji. Hadith are grouped by category ("God", "Angels", "The Prophets", "Prayer", "post", "marriage", etc.), detailed comments and associated cross-references. Each section is preceded by the appropriate information from the Koran. The scale and depth of study required starting material will allow passing part of the Arab-Russian terminology thesaurus according to the Koran and Hadith, which will be the backbone necessary foundation for all future endeavors translation. Will lay the foundations for the development of scientific translation of the Koran, which takes into account the history of its perception.

Upon receipt of scientific and annotated translation of the full body of hadith recognized Islamic tradition, there will be the opportunity to move to the second stage - formal logical description and Sunnah algorithmization within Hanafi Islam, the most popular both in Russia and in the whole Islamic world. Potential algorithmization this sense it was originally laid founder and eponym - Abu Hanifa, states bluntly: "No one is allowed to follow my opinion, if one does not know how I came to see him." From the first steps of forming this theological and legal school followed by logical reflection and appropriate arguments, insisted that the rule of Islamic law-making should be ijtihad, ie independent decision topical issues now living authoritative theologians. Muhámmad Iqbal wrote about the absolute logical transparency Hanafi mázhaba.

Speaking about the revival of the Russian school of Islamic theology and law, the president certainly did not expect the closure only a few domestic specialists. Our national school should distinguish social doctrine, looking to the XXI century, the future of a well-maintained, and therefore under the banner of the school must unite all the progressive forces of the Islamic world, in many states, living the ideals of the Middle Ages, unclaimed, and sometimes sharply rejects. Russia thus provide spiritual refuge and protection to all who seriously despises true happiness for mankind is not in place beyond the heavens around the world and here on planet Earth.

In 2010, the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications recognized as the best book of the year two-volume "Life Prophet Muhammad ", written by leading Soviet scientists - Natalia Ephraim and Taufik Ibrahim and covers almost everything it knows about the Prophet written tradition. This edition was published under the imprint of Sciences and was approved by all the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the country, it is recommended to use them in the learning process. YS Osipov, president of the Academy recently, handing the book VV Putin, described her appearance as the biggest event in domestic science in the last decade. Vladimir Vladimirovich has repeatedly said that the Russians should be provided with quality publications about Islam. It is clear, however significant in this respect the biography of Prophet, based on reliable sources and thus targeted at the widest audience and demanding. It would seem that the officials and clergy must seize this edition. But no, nothing like that. They pretend that it seems not to exist and continue to produce mediocre written worthless books - only to budget funds and donations properly allocated and mastered "trustworthy partners and associates."

"The Russian Muslim religious organizations have all possibilities for a broad positioning in today's media media ", - stated the president and urged to actively use these opportunities.

But what we see in practice? Hysterical Islamophobia that is sweeping many federal media, and rarely appears in the mass-mediated space clergy incapable - with rare exceptions - to defend the interests of Russian Muslims, to maintain the purity of Islam in the public sphere. Faithful are increasingly perceived as a significant part of the Gentiles alien, aliens and other representatives of civilizational constants antagonistic Russian cultural code. No wonder a keen sense of the problem the president has set the task of elaborating a positive image of traditional Islam as an important spiritual component of Russian national identity. Only here can hardly TV broadcasters, as usual do not consider this problem related to them, listen to the words of the head of state. Well, imagine that the clutch resolutely followed the advice of the President, I can only just as far from the life of dreams.

Muslims should learn to be modern. This implies not dogmatism with memorization of individual phrases (as it is now common and literally implanted in religious educational institutions), but the ability to argue convincingly and competently, and understandable to others, including non-Muslims, language. "Priests - thoughts on VV Putin - people must be educated and informed, and able to provide a clear assessment of acute canonically flawless modern challenges and threats. " We also add that the deep and serious books in this respect - the best mentors.

President called for new forms of work - in Muslim cultural, scientific and educational centers, youth and women's clubs. In my understanding, it is a powerful federal network structure socialization of Islam in Russia. But what is meant by its key element - the Muslim cultural and scientific-educational center? So in fact it is nothing like the classic ... Mosque. Not the utilitarian building with minarets voiceless, to which we are all accustomed to, where the faithful gather to pray and to listen to the Friday sermon, and that everything is limited. And this is such a complex of buildings, where the prophet and his successors righteous Muslims flocked not only to pray, but not least to discuss pressing issues of our time, to reflect on the Quran and Sunnah in the light of problems stand in front of the ummah and the state where the leading mentors and thinkers taught his disciples - "seekers of knowledge" as they are called - their science. Incidentally, Islamic in the broadest sense is considered all scientific knowledge. Science of the Quran, hadith and fiqh neighbors in mosques such "art" as mathematics, medicine, astronomy, chemistry, history, literature and linguistics, as well as music industry as a mathematical discipline. No wonder the mosque and functions performed scriptorium, ie workshops rewriting manuscripts. In mosques were open public discussion of the most pressing problems, hearings, theological and scientific debates, the findings of which are directly affected by government decisions. In Prophet Mosque ran a race with his beloved wife Aisha, organized competitions spear-throwers. Therefore, the ensemble included mosques and sports facilities. In general, the classical mosque longer what it conceived Muhammad - is the center of intellectual, theological and scientific as well as social, life. Mosque - is not only a political organizer and propagandist but zdravomyslennogo lifestyle.

Europeans to discover at the time of the Crusades the Muslim East, adopted the idea of the mosque as a theological, educational, cultural and educational center and place it into an idea ... University. Is typical in the later Middle Ages, at the dawn of the European Graduate School, the University was a not building with training equipment and land holdings, but above all it was kind of a professional community of scientists - they were called "sellers knowledge" - like a shop or community guild. As you know, the first universities appeared at the end of XI century, when they started to grow rapidly Western European countries began to feel the urgent need, in modern parlance, a professional management. So, universities determined the appearance of modern Western civilization, have become engines of its development, namely universities owe their origin to the end of the XIII century, the European elite - secular and religious, in a century in the vast majority already crowned awarded in the walls of these institutions. And when the international community has recently shaken the strongest economic crisis is a crisis of universities, the loss of their role talking head of Western European countries, and Nicolas Sarkozy, for example, saving the entire row allocated an additional 20 billion euros for the maintenance of the French university system.

Let us think, that of itself would have to be of Muslim cultural, scientific and educational center in Moscow - the capital city of two world religions: Christianity and Islam. But if we have to Orthodoxy significant part of the problems solved or even addressed, the President delivered to Islam fundamentally new challenges. Socialization of Russian Islam, in my opinion, should naturally accompany the comprehensive development of our country's relations with the Islamic world, primarily economic. This consideration, we will consider in what follows the concept of the Moscow Islamic cultural and business center.

Needless to say, the most important part of the business and cultural center should be a Mosque about 100-150 thousand people, with a big park, greenhouses, ponds and fountains - the earthly incarnation image of paradise described in the Quran and Sunnah (by analogy with the wonder of the world as a stunning mosque complex, the Taj Mahal). This architectural ensemble will be perceived Muscovites as a true celebration of the soul, birthday of the heart, because on the map of Moscow will be a favorite vacation spot for the whole family. Once and for all will be times to protest against the construction of mosques, remain in the past conflicts that we see today in Moscow and other regions. Simply this work must be correctly organized.

Let me explain my thought. One of the fundamental ideas of the Islamic worldview expressed hadith "God is beautiful and loves beauty." Beauty - is the foundation erected by God of the universe, and erected for the benefit of man, and therefore truly beautiful in the eyes of a Muslim may be just what is moral, it is useful and appropriate, that meets the idea of proportionality and consistency, harmony, divine world order. And because the mission architect - sing a hymn to the Almighty Creator, singing in a rock ode to beauty, which is not only the spiritual eye of the believer will open the heavenly world, that is, configure the sacred heart on the prospect of climbing to the true beauty, but also saying mundane, will delight the eyes of the layman, ennoble the architectural landscape and of course the social environment - religiously heterogeneous environment we have. As you can see, if you strictly follow the paradigm of Islam, the irreconcilable conflicts and intractable problems in connection with the planning of the construction of the temple occur in the field in general should not. Need to make it a rule to hold open competitions, to involve them in the leading architects of the world, to discuss all the solutions offered by the local population. And remember: we are talking about an earthly reflection of the heavenly paradise, and in paradise there is no uncomfortable, no matter what creed professed no man.

Return to the social doctrine of the Russian Islam, without which no real socialization will not work. Earlier I said that the backward state can not be considered Islamic. But what are the criteria to determine how truly Islamic state? In social terms, is:

× relation to each person (regardless of religion) as a temple of God, and therefore - priority to the development of personality, abilities, which awarded the Creator of man at birth and breathed into him of His Spirit, and hence - the cult of childhood and motherhood, the family, commitment to advanced, which is important - free, education, and work according to a highly individual inclinations, self, spiritual and physical self-improvement, healthy lifestyle, and the priority of common sense (you listen carefully to these words only: Disclosure in every child embedded in it talent development and then identified by the gift of quality education as a direct responsibility of the state - why not an idea that is able to unite all of us, that is the national idea, which did not manage to find?)

Continue to enumerate signs truly Islamic state.

× respect for surrounding world belongs to God, and to give humanity in trust;

× for competent performance last - constant acquisition of new knowledge about the universe that only provide science;

× society based on them;

× social justice, particularly equal access to public services, protection the needy and the elderly; earnings - for labor, intolerance of ill-gotten gains, all kinds of dependency and parasitism;

× protection infidels;

× unconditional compliance with the requirement that the public office involved in the most worthy and capable citizens, and hence - the need for continuous development of democratic institutions and procedures, upholding civil rights and freedoms of every person;

× main method of generating public decision making - a constructive dialogue.

main task of the Russian school of Islamic theology - to provide Russians Muslim confession of such religiously motivated social doctrine, which will strengthen their civic and patriotic position, strengthen mental well-being, healthier social climate, put a reliable barrier to harmful to Russian views, will allow to develop a platform for the consolidation of the activities of all state-recognized confessions of high-power and economic recovery of our country.

Want especially dwell on another important point: the first time, as far as I can judge, the president did not talk about force component of fighting extremism. I recall that his speech sounded the next day after the attack in Volgograd. Supreme authority bet is placed on education.

No force, no shares ustrozheniya and measures to tighten penalties than hard at work, the State Duma, we radicalism of life did not exclude. Only through education. Only properly understood Islam is the basis for overcoming them stained and ethno-religious conflicts radicalism. And Islam, properly understood, not only Muslims, but also non-Muslims.

According adopted in Russia counter-terrorism legislation, the responsibility for the prevention of radicalism in religious life entirely entrusted to the FSB. Meanwhile, the service is, in principle, can not engage in such activities due to return, because the basis of religiously motivated radicalism is a distorted perception of the world, formed in the spiritual realm. Legislators should be released from the FSB untypical her cargo and shift it to those who "patrols" spiritual space to give for this purpose a lot of money (although how to do it, when the Church is separated from the state, I swear I do not know). At the same time diminished resonance kinks in the field.

Islam - a religion of life, not a religion of death. And here for the correction of such perversion of doctrine can not respond to the FSB, and the clergy not only can, but must. Obliged not only to people but also before God. "The initiative should go to you - the president said, referring to the clutch - you can not lose it in the hands of opinion leaders that are actively involved among the believers." Talking about migrant workers-Muslims, the President said: "They need to hear your voice, feel your participation, otherwise they become the object of various fundamentalist propaganda structures." Heard whether leaders of the Russian President Islam, life will show. Barometer here - Muslim youth. In the meantime, our clergy - "peace and quiet but the grace of God."

At the outset, I said that I can not imagine what kind of state agencies must take responsibility for implementing the program of President Islam socialization of domestic programs, the success of the implementation of which - and a lot of work for many years - will directly depend on the success of our main nation-wide project entitled "Prosperous Russia." Using the fact that the meeting is present Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration domestic policy Mikhail Belousov,I would like to express a persistent desire, which I think will support the vast majority of Muslims of Russia, as well as non-Muslims: keep special control move translating ideas Vladimir, prevent them zabaltyvaniya armchair pseudo-patriots, Delovar and crooks from religion, retired officials, confused all conscience, now publicly tearing the throat to protect the interests of Russian Muslims, and more recently brazenly rob them.

Coordinator in implementing the President's crucial ideas - especially on the part of universities - could well make the Fund for support of Islamic culture, science and education, finally professionally staffed, not what it was before.

Russia faces a historic choice - or Islam will be taken by our country in the actual allies, which involves paying the closest attention to its social doctrine, or counter-terrorism operations will eventually cover the entire country.

correct approach in relation to the faithful is not to make every effort to neutralize tough and forceful suppression of religiously motivated activism (and this skeleton held to this day domestic policy) but to put this activism in the service of the state and society. The latter is possible only in case of a national school of Islamic theology and law, the organization of professional religious education and competent personnel policy, both in terms of civil servants, and in the attitude of the clergy.

In recent years, clearly delineated global trend - gradual withdrawal to the forefront of awakening from centuries hibernation of the Islamic world, decisive action to express their attitude to the ruling regimes with their Westernized elites. Waves of the Arab revolutions - is only the beginning of the tectonic shifts that will shape the face of the future. Islamic solidarity is definitely not impress many millions of Russians who, without any doubt, will not be part of those processes that capture the brothers in the faith. In these circumstances, given the fact that the wave of Muslim migrants in Russia is only growing, the task of developing new approaches in relation to the Islamic community in the country becomes the right of free choice, but a matter strictly necessary. It is important that the changes taking place not only plunged our country into chaos, but, on the contrary, greatly strengthened the position of Russia in the world community.

At the Russian Federation has every chance to offer Islamic world sample rapid modernization, motivated Islamic activism and demonstrating rapid economic growth , to become the leader of the Islamic world, while maintaining a leading position in the Christian world.

would Russia or universal pole of attraction for both Christians and Muslims, a bulwark of world spirituality, ruler of the minds of intellectuals on all continents, global economic superpower, in general, heart peace, or will be thrown on the margins of the world civilization. No other way!