Ali Vyacheslav Polosin: it is necessary to revive the role of fatwas

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Muslim religious leaders need to give clear and precise theological evaluation of the different phenomena of human existence, the chairman of the Russian Research and Educational Center "Al-Vasatyya moderation", Ph.D. Ali Vyacheslav Polosin December 5 at the "round table" at RIA Novosti on "How to be Islam in Russia?" dedicated to discussion of the idea of socialization of Islam in Russia, announced by Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Russian Muslim leaders in Ufa on October 22.

Ali Vyacheslav Polosin drew attention to the call of the President of Russian muftis to give people the truth, "spiritual leaders should assess criminal and good deeds fellow.

""events, including dramatic, must be given by Muslims not only declarative, but theological appraisal. We must recall the phenomenon of Islamic law and practice, as a fatwa. That they fixed evaluation of certain events of human life from the point of view of Islam, - said Vyacheslav Polosin Ali. - For example, to specify that for an act of human hell awaits, or impossible with such a rise to pray, or just among Muslims, he becomes "shake hands".

"Chairmanof the NPC" Al Vasatyya - moderation "also noted that today the Muslim world versed in legal terms it is the format of a fatwa.

"While, as our many spiritual heads of their management and muftis (which, by definition, means a person entitled to make fatwas) make no spiritual noncommittal statements some, no one famous "jurists" abroad by Russian endure events clearly extremist fatwas that are actively translated into Russian in the Islamic information space. Incidentally, the rebellion in Syria is largely fueled by such fatwas, just recently, the Ambassador said that country's Russia, as the legitimate government of the country was not prepared for such information a religious war. Importantly, the Islamic tradition, if there is an alternative view expressed in a fatwa, fatwa then automatically becomes compulsory norm, since projects norms Koran or the Sunnah of the current situation "- said Vyacheslav Polosin Ali.