Congratulation of the mufti of Tatarstan with Maulid an-Nabi

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As-salyamu aleikum wа rahmatullahi wа barakyatuhu!

Dear brothers and sisters!

Let me sincerely congratulate you on behalf of Spiritual management of Muslims of RT and from myself on a holiday of Maulid An-nabi!

This holiday is celebrated on the 12th of Rabi ul-Avval month – on a  birthday of the prophet Mohammad, (to the sallyallahu aleihi was-salam).  This event of mankind’s history became a pleasure for the whole world, because it is said in the Sacred Koran:  "We sent you only as a favor ("rahma") to the worlds" - Surah "Prophets", ayat 107.

Fully understand the importance and accomplishments of the Prophet, paying a tribute of respect to this person, Muslims celebrate a holiday of Maulid an-Nabi, tremblingly eulogizing Supreme and blessing his envoy, as life of the prophet Mohammad represents kindness, mercy, good temper, and also is an example for all Ummah.

Celebration of Maulid an-Nabi includes only charitable affairs – extra prayers, pronouncing of salwat - blessings of the Prophet, meetings of Muslims to talk about Prophet and to pray for Him.

So let's celebrate this nice holiday together, and we wish to all of you a pleasure, happiness, progress, blessing of Supreme and His favor.  May Supreme will grant the peace, tranquility and prosperity these blessed days to our country!

Chairman of THOUGHTS of RT, mufti Kamil хазрат Samigullin.