Muslims celebrate Maulid an-Nabi – the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed

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Today the Muslim world celebrates the holiday of Maulid an-Nabi – the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed. According to Muslim scientists, he was born in Mecca on Monday morning, on the 12th day of month Rabiul-avval 570.

Mohammed's birthday was begun to celebrate only 300 years later after the beginning of Islam.

Maulid includes reading prayers and words of a remembrance of Allah, glorification to the Prophet, poetic narrations and lectures about His life and the birth. Today it’s traditional to express pleasure about Mohammed’s coming to this world, whom Muslims consider as the last God’s envoy, and to say words of gratitude to Supreme, to ask God for entreaties, to distribute alms to poor people and to have pious conversations with each other.

The one of esteemed months, Rabiul-avval, came on 2nd of January of a Muslim lunar calendar, Hegira when a Prophet Mohammed came to this world.

During the whole month the festivals took place in mosques and madrasah of Tatarstan. They were accompanied by stories about life of the Prophet Mohammed, about his associates, by praises of Supreme and blessings of the Prophet, religious chants and reading the Sacred Koran.

Today the festival devoted to a holiday of Maulid an-Nabi will take place in Bolgare. Festival will take place in the White mosque. Muftis will gather from different regions of Russia for this event. Celebration will take place under the auspices of Spiritual management of Muslims of RT.