Muslim marriages: how to be protected from gigolos and bandits?

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Friday, January 31 2014
Last Updated on Tuesday, February 25 2014 16:57
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The specialist of the coordination center of Fund of support of Islamic culture, science and education, the Islamic blogger Magomedbashir Albogachiyev thinks: the Moslems, wishing to marry, need to be able to protect themself from gigolos and bandits.

There are women who marry strange men, strange people register their wedding, thus the man often hides about himself a lot of information (it can become clear later that this person already has a family somewhere in Tajikistan or Kazakhstan). Being in Russia, he receives everything that is necessary from the woman, then leaves her to the mercy of fate and comes back home.

People, who acts so, act on behalf of Islam though such actions in Islam are considered as a crime. People with unclear ideology can even enlist such naive girls. Girls have to treat more seriously this subject, everything has to be officially, marriage has to be officially registered by imam, in muftiat, considers Magomedbashir Albogachiyev,  who sent the compellation to the Muslims, who plans the marriage,to IslamNews news agency.

"Among His signs – that He created wives from you and for you to find calmness in them, and established love and mercy between you.  Truly, in this there are signs for people, who reflects".  (Koran, Sura 30, ayat 21)

Islam regards a family as of paramount importance society lives. The supreme Founder ordered to build the family relations on the basis of love and a mutual consent. Muslim marriage is a contract between spouses according to which they undertake to show on the relation to each other love, trust, understanding, to be a support and support in all affairs. Only the family established according to requirements and traditions of Islam, can become a source of tranquility, pleasure and pleasure by life for the person.

Today we can meet people, who follows Muslim marriage, but don't consider it’s necessary to carry out those duties which are assigned to spouses by Islam. Even during the ceremony of the wedding (nikakh) they don't observe the elementary requirements and Sharia pillars!

It is necessary to treat creation of a family very seriously, to understand, what responsibility of spouses is.  Before making the decision to marry, it is necessary to consult parents, to learn their opinion about choise.

Especially it is about those girls, who is going to connect the life with people of other cultures and nationalities.  I have nothing against mixed marriages between Russian girls of the Moslem and not the Moslem, married foreigners or adherents of a different faith.  I only ask for responsibility, for the careful verifying of that marriage.

Not to make mistakes in a choice of future spouse, it is necessary to pay attention to the difference in cultures, in religion. It is very important to learn in advance from friends of chosen one about his human qualities, and also about that, if he has a family in the homeland, if he can support and provide them.

Be careful to be a victim of any swindler or the bandit, the person with the wrong intentions or the purposes, giving out these intentions and the purposes for Islam requirements!

Once again I will emphasize: in such questions it is necessary to consult the senior generation, to listen to opinion of the family. Besides, there is the Aisha club in Moscow, which unites young Moslem. Girls can come to this club with any questions – sisters willingly will tell about traditions, customs of various people of Russia and the CIS, will give very important advices and always will help to make a right choice.

I ask girls who is going to marry the Muslim to go to the closest mosque or the Spiritual Management of Muslims (SMM) in a residence. Only the official employee of Spiritual management of Muslims can read nikah. The certificate will be given after the ceremony of marriage.

Parents or trustees of the bride surely have to participate in all this process".