February, 1st is the international day of hijab

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Saturday, February 01 2014
Last Updated on Tuesday, February 25 2014 17:05
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The international day of a hijab is celebrated all over the world on 1st of February. Thousands of women, both Moslems, and not Moslems will go out to the streets, having a hijab in solidarity and respect for religion Islam.

Event is held for the second time, and for the first time the Day of a hijab was offered by the inhabitant of New York Nazma Khan, who suggested not Muslim girlfriends to put on a hijab for one day and to feel how it is – to hide the beauty from foreign eyes.

Nazma's idea was supported world widely last year, and educational brochures of her group were translated into 22 languages.

Tens women from Great Britain, Australia, India, Pakistan, France, Germany and other countries contacted her to ask questions about hijab or to report that they are ready to try on a Muslim cover for one day.

But for Russia this day remained unnoticed. But as Russian Moslems face similar stereotypes in society everyday, so for us it is a quite good opportunity to tell about ourself.

The information about the world day of a hijab is already actively advertised in social networks. Aida Ziganshina doesn't wear a hijab in everyday life, but the stock supported and even arranged the quiz in her social page.  According to quiz, about seventy girls were solidary with her and on February 1st will go for work, study and on the usual things in hijabs.

"It is really great, that interest to Islam is growing up in the world, and people want to learn the real meaning of Islam.  If all Muslims make efforts to increase the level of awareness in this question, life of Muslims will become easier" - Aida Ziganshina shares with IslamNews.

"It is necessary to get public attention to show ordinary people with who they communicate every day are Muslims and "are absolutely safe". For me it is an excellent opportunity at least one day in a year to execute the debt in front of Supreme and to be covered. And people around can see that Islam is not orthodox fanaticism adjoining on terrorism, but the same belief as any other".

Anna and Oksana Litvinov, architects from St. Petersburg, also are going to support this stock.

"The hijab is not only an indicator of moral of the woman, but also the phenomenon, which is traditional for the Russians. Whatever people say, but Russian women always wore a scarf as a modesty and spirituality sign. Unfortunately, now other stereotypes are imposed to us, but we always wear a scarf whenever it’s possible, and we think that it’s not only convenient, but also it is beautiful. The head scarf indicates a certain behavior which has to be inherent in the woman" - commented sisters in "IslamNews" comment.

Editorial office of the “Musulmanka” magazine also dated a small flashmob for this day and prepared a big collage with portraits of readers in hijabs.