The Chechen deaf-mutes learn Islamic terms by a special technique

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Experts from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia began a seven-day educational course of training in Islamic religious terms for deaf-mutes and hard-of-hearing disabled people of the Chechen Republic.

Classes take place in School of foreign languages n.a. the sheikh Dany Arsanov in Grozny.

Organizers of a seminar were: Ministry of affairs of religion and waqfs of the state of Kuwait, Fund of support of Islamic culture, science and education, Spiritual management of Muslims of ChR and Broadcasting Company "Way" n.a. Akhmat-Haji Kadyrov.

We will remind, last year, within visit to ChR the First Deputy Minister of affairs of religion and Emirate Kuwait waqfs doctor Adel Abdullaj al-Falaj met deaf-and-dumb pupils of School of Dany Arsanov, studying the sacred Koran, and also invited them to visit Kuwait. It is necessary to remind, during the visit to Kuwait the Chechen deaf-mutes could participate in the first International forum on problems of Muslim hard-in-hearing persons, which took place in Qatar.

The official representative of the Governor of Chechnya in Gulf States Turko Daudov reported in conversation with the correspondent of Grozny inform news agency, that the Qatar cultural and social center for deafs presented to the Chechen disabled people in gift of 200 copies of unique books.

He also reported that today the delegation met the Minister of Education and Science of the Chechen Republic Ismail Baykhanov and  the preliminary agreement on close cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the State of Kuwait was reached.

According to T. Daudov, it is planned at official level to invite experts from Kuwait in ChR where they will conduct training courses for pupils of School boarding school for deafs and hard-in-hearing children of the city of Grozny.

- We met today Ismail Baykhanov and agreed to continue work in this direction and to involve the Arab experts for carrying out occupations with our children. Also we have an idea to organize annual competition on reading the Sacred Koran among hard of hearing persons, - T. Daudov reported.

It should be noted that teachers Ahmad Al-Habib and Yusuf Rasheed who began classes today in Grozny, are specialists of the Ministry of Education of Kuwait. They are directly engaged in training of deaf-mutes in this Arab country, work as signers at television, and also do the translations of sermons for deafs in the central mosques of Al Kuwait.

- We are very glad to arrive to the Chechen Republic to our Chechen brothers. Within one week, by a special technique we will carry out courses of physically disabled people. We will study the Arab alphabet, Islamic religious terms in a sign language after which they will be able to learn the Sacred Koran, and in the subsequent to train in it and others, - Ahmad shared Al - Habib.

In the second half of day guests from Kuwait plan to visit Boarding school for deafs and hard-in-hearing children of the city of Grozny.