The Caucasian youth looks for a way to a consent.

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Thursday, February 06 2014
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The seminar "Practical forms of work among youth:  development of ethnoconfessional dialogue in the North Caucasus”, organized by the International Islamic mission with assistance of Fund of support of Islamic culture, science and education, came to the end in Pyatigorsk.

Despite February frosts and snowdrifts on routes, representatives of youth public organizations from constituent territory of North Caucasus federal district gathered in Pyatigorsk to submit the projects directed on strengthening of the international and interfaith relations and to try to get grants on their realization.

The seminar took place for three days – since 1st of February to 4th lasted.  During this time children not only learned about features of implementation of social programs and ensuring their steady financing, but, what’s the most important, managed to get acquainted with each other and to exchange experience in the region.

Traditionally everything began with a ceremonial opening and other official ceremonies.  Young people were welcomed by representatives of plenipotentiary representation of the Russian President in North Caucasus federal district and executive authorities in the republics.

Then the working part was organized on platforms where young public men submitted projects followed in an informal situation, and there were about 20 of projects. It was necessary not only to present to authors the works, but to protect them before expert jury.

Kabardino-Balkaria brought some projects on a seminar. According to the deputy mufti of KBR Alim Sizhazhev, Spiritual management of Muslims prepared the "Legal Education as Basis of Civil Identity" project. Its main objective is to teach young Muslims to protect the rights by legal means. "The law on a freedom of worship and religious associations gives the chance to us not to look for cardinal measures, and to solve the problems lawful methods, extending only beauty of belief. Is planned to train experts for regional authorities which can become assistants to imams and advise young Muslims", – Sizhazhev said.

Other project was connected with volunteering development. In its framework the group under the name "Gold One Hundred" is created. Leaders of volunteer movement who will be able to become subsequently trainers for the others will enter it. "In the same group the Islamic club "Fatkh" is created. It is educated to break the stereotypes connected with Muslims. If the Muslim of people public, sympathetic, helping, doesn't separate himself from society, means false ideas of Muslims will be destroyed", – Alim Sizhazhev said.

According to the chairman of the International Islamic mission Shafiga Pshikhachev, the main task of a seminar – to achieve harmonization of the international and interfaith relations in the North Caucasus. Thus the region for work is chosen for a reason. After all today’s new about the Caucasus only negative information extends. "We understand, there is a lot of problems in the region. But I can note surely: in the territory of North Caucasus federal district there are no international or interfaith conflicts. Participants of a seminar often speak about the wrong perception of natives from the Caucasus in other subjects of Russia. But young can't become isolated in the region. After leaving school many go to other constituent territories. So by developing our work, we pursued two aims. First, that in the North Caucasus where representatives of more than 100 nationalities live, there was no problem in the interethnic relations. And secondly, to develop steady perception of the Russian identity that they became part of culture of our country at youth, – Shafig Pshikhachev said.

"The key task of experts – to give information, useful skills, ability in the field of preparation of projects, their realization, an assessment of efficiency and expected results", – considers the expert of a seminar the candidate of psychological sciences, the local expert of the European Commission, the coordinator of programs of Children's fund UN Sergey Yashitsin.

Sergey Yashitsin interacts more than 20 years with public non-profit organizations. From his words, the practician shows that in most cases, NPOs are ahead in respect of practices of projects and methodologies of work on the most significant social problems and government institutions are to that to learn at public men. "From this point of view of prospect of development of noncommercial sector are obvious: they show the most effective methods of the solution of social problems. In my opinion, work which is conducted by the International Islamic mission, is quintessence of the best experience as it is necessary to realize big interregional projects. According to my data, in many subjects of North Caucasus federal district of state structure are interested in practices of public organizations which participate in our seminars", – Yashitsin commented the results of work.

According to the member of expert jury – the deputy director of Fund of support of Islamic culture, science and education Eduard Hachukayev, children brought interesting projects to Pyatigorsk, including the field of development Islamic education and network educational systems. "Our society has to work not to allow the person to make a suicide, to remove the religious motivated suicide on the correct way – to God. How? We here are engaged in it. We teach children to look for the place in life, to overcome difficulties which God sends us. While young people from group of risk don't get yet on our actions, but children who passed trainings, can reach, meet them on different platforms. The most important is that there was a discussion. If children are able to contact, adjust it, for sure they will bring the contemporaries to a right way. If it occurs, we executed the mission", – the representative of the charitable organization speaks.

At the end of last year the International Islamic mission already held in Pyatigorsk a scientific and practical seminar "Organizational forms of work on formation of religious and national mutual respect among youth" which also brought together young activists from all republics of the North Caucasus.