V. Polosin: "It’s very important for Russia to safe the interchurch peace”

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The deputy director of Fund of support of Islamic culture, science and education Vyacheslav (Ali) Polosin and the representative of the Governor of Chechnya in Gulf States Turko Daudov met students of the Chechen state teaching institute.

Let's remind, during the visit V. Polosin and T. Daudov meet the public, religious and youth organizations and tell about work of the Russian center of ideas’distribution "Al-Vasatyya – moderation".

It should be mentioned, International center "Al-Vasatyya" is opened in 2004, and its head office is situated in Kuwait. The prime objective of work of the Center consists in religion promotion of Islam and prevention of emergence of radical views, the conflicts at international and interfaith levels, finishing to people of the whole world of true values of religion Islam.

The fundamental principles of work of the Center  are dialogue, justice, respect for other opinion and peaceful co-existence with all religions and the people in the world.

Giving the lecture, V. Polosin told the Chechen students the history of the world religions and the developed stereotypes about Islam and Muslims.

He especially mentioned that today it’s very important for Russia to safe the interchurch peace.

- It’s not a secret, that during the globalization, we are eyewitnesses of serious challenges for our society: it is substitution of traditional and religious and family values which happens under the influence of the western culture. Therefore today both Muslims, and Christians have to resist together the imposing of alien values for us, - V. Polosin mentioned.

During a meeting students asked the guest interesting questions, which concerned the main questions of religion.

V. Polosin urged present studentsto be careful of extremist literature where Islam essence is completely distorted, and also the appeal to hatred concerning representatives of other religions is conducted.

- Islam is a religion of the peace and good and there is no appeal to intolerance, radicalism and terrorism, - he emphasized.

In the end of the meeting, guests presented the Chechen youth with the book "Scientific Understanding of Jihad".