The seven-day seminar for the Chechen deaf-mutes came to the end with delivery of diplomas

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Tuesday, February 11 2014
Last Updated on Tuesday, February 11 2014 11:15
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Today the results of an educational course on training in Islamic religious terms of deaf-mutes and hard-in-hearing people of Chechnya which passed from February 3 to February 10 were summed up in Spiritual management of Muslims of the Chechen Republic

Should be mentioned, teachers from the State of Kuwait Ahmad Al-Habib and Yusuf Rasheed who are specialists of the Ministry of Education of this Arab state arrived for this purpose to ChR. They directly are engaged in training of deaf-mutes in the homeland, work as signers at television, and also do the translations of sermons for deafs in the central mosques of Al Kuwait.

More than 120 hard-in-hearing persons and speeches from School of Denis Arsanov, the Rehabilitation center of the Chechen regional office of the All-Russian society of deafs, and also Boarding school for deafs and children of the city of Grozny hard of hearing took part in this seminar.

Organizers of the seminar were: Ministry of affairs of religion and waqfs of the state of Kuwait, Fund of support of Islamic culture, science and education, Spiritual management of Muslims of ChR and Broadcasting Company name "Way" Akhmat-Haji Kadyrov.

Mufti of ChR Sultan hajjs Mirzayev, Adviser Glavy of ChR Adam Shakhidov, official representative Glavy of ChR in Gulf States Turko Daudov, First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of ChR Ilyas Taayev and others took part in festive event.

The expert from Kuwait Ahmad of Al-Habib noted in the performance that quite good conditions for social adaptation of deaf-mutes are created in the Chechen Republic.

- We are very glad that the leaders of the republic, led by Ramzan Kadyrov, pay special attention for this category of citizens. It was pleasant to see how deaf-mutes seek to learn religion Islam and to learn to read the sacred Koran. Believe, it pleased us very much, - Ahmad told Al-Habib.

Sultan Mirzayev thanked organizers and lined that such actions would bring big benefit to the Chechen hard-in-hearing people.

- Thanks to that seminar we got an idea: the best participant of this educational course becomes a signer in the Central mosque of the city of Grozny of a name Akhmat-Haji Kadyrov "Heart of Chechnya", - S. Mirzayev reported.

After the end of the official part all participants of a seminar were gifted by Sacred Koran and diplomas.

Turko Daudov also said gratitude words to all of those who took part in that event and emphasized importance of holding similar seminars.

- Society must pay close attention to disabled people because the religion calls Islam for this and it’s a debt of each Muslim, - T. Daudov noted.