"Christian" roots of St. Valentine's Day

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In anticipation of one of the most unfamiliar to our religion holidays - St. Valentine's Day, we considered to remind about not only the relation of Islam with this day, but also about 2 largest branches of Christianity - the Catholicism and Orthodoxy as many ethnic Christians believe that the holiday has Christian roots and is approved by religion.

The chancellor of the Catholic diocese in Kazakhstan, Carlos Laos said: "Every day during the whole year the different sacred will be read. The first sacreds who are esteemed on February 14 are a Saint Kirill and Mefodiy; there are also others, including St. Valentin. But during church service Saint Kirill and Mefodiy's memory, instead of St. Valentina is always celebrated on February,14th.

In Catholic Church there is no "St. Valentine's Day" as a religious holiday. It is rather a manifestation of local traditions. It is possible to use this day to tell people about beauty of pure and right human love, according to the God's plan. Unfortunately many people don't share such opinion, and use this day for justifications of the acts which aren't expression of true love, but degrade it".

The answer of the representative of Orthodox church, the head of the press service of the Kazakhstan metropolitanate Protoiereus Evgeniy Ivanov, was shorter and clear: "This holiday sings (illegal) carnal love and libertinism".

So this holiday has no Christian roots. But there are all bases to believe that under the words "love the neighbor", Jesus, the peace to him, meant a bit different, that young and not married people understand today.

In spite of the fact that we have different believe, there is much in common between our religions in moral questions.

This information is provided for not Muslims asking questions. Undoubtedly, for Muslims there must be enough of that, which is told about in Islam.