Saudi Arabia promised to construct Coptic Church

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The head of Coptic Church of Egypt, patriarch of Alexandria Tavadros II had the negotiations with the ambassador of Saudi Arabia Ahmad Kattan on Wednesday in Cairo during which the parties agreed about the building of the first Coptic Church in the territory of the kingdom, reports a site

As MCN reports with reference to reliable sources:  "The patriarch, having arrived to the residence after negotiations with the ambassador of Saudi Arabia, was very happy, and met the delegation from Germany in very positive mood ".  Tavadros expressed gratitude to the government of Saudi Arabia and personally to the king for approval of building of the first Coptic church and as thanked the ambassador for heartiest welcome.

According to a source, in a course of negotiations the question of need of strengthening of ties of church with the kingdom, in particular after rendering by the Saudi king of the help to the new Egyptian government was brought up.

In return, Tavadros expressed condolences about a recent fire in Medina, which took away lifes of 15 people.