The bishop Dionysius visited a mosque of Kasimov-city.

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On February 19, 2014 the delegation of the diocese of Kasimov visited an working mosque of Kasimov-city. The the mosque of Kasimov, which was constructed in 1906, was shown to the bishop Kasimovsky and Dionysius Sasovskoy– the managing director of the diocese of Kasimov, the archpriest Nikolay – the prior of the Troitsk temple and the deacon Vladimir, and they listened a lecture about the past and the present of the Muslim temple.

Guests were received by the imam-mukhtasib of the Ryazan region Rasheed-hazrat Bultacheev, the imam of the Kasimov mosque Murat-hazrat Kurayev, the Chairman of MROM of Kasimov Ravil Teregulov, the Chairman of the Kasimov autonomy Ildar Bikuyev.

The meeting took place by agreement, reached at meeting of the Advisory board at the head of Kasimov on February 7th, 2014.

The bishop, being in the molal hall of a mosque, noted the purity and a mosque order. Conversation proceeded at a table with fragrant tea from a samovar with national food.

As a result of conversation the representative of Russian Orthodox Church and Islam agreed in common to leave with an initiative of the legal issues, concerning church and cult character, to carry on joint dialogue and more often to meet. The parties exchanged by gifts.