The international theological conference in Makhachkala came to the end.

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Tuesday, March 11 2014
Last Updated on Monday, March 24 2014 08:00
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The international theological conference "The Russian Muslims: rights and duties" in Makhachkala came to the end. The delegation of the World union of Muslim scientists headed by his secretary general Ali Mukhiddin al-Karadagi took part in conference.

The mufti of Dagestan Ahmad hajjs afandi Abdullaev, theologians and imams of the republic, muftis of subjects of North Caucasus federal district, and also students from all higher education institutions of RD took part in conference work.

One of the main objectives of arrival of delegation of Muslim theologians to Dagestan was adjustment of interfaith dialogue in the republic. Within visit scientists preach in republic mosques, would carry out a number of meetings with representatives of Spiritual management of Muslims of Dagestan, scientific community and public activists.

The World Union of Muslim Scientists (WUMS) — the Islamic organization founded in 2004. The Muslim scientists who studies sharia sciences and culture of Islam, problems of its revival, realization and promoting are this part. Without being the official governmental organization, the union at the same time doesn't oppose the governments, and directs the efforts to development of cooperation with them on the benefit of Islam and Muslims.